Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Creative Commons

I did it! I finally chose and successfully posted a CC to my blog:) I was very nervous at first, but I actually used a classmates trial and error to figure it out. Thanks goes out to Jessie who did a lot of the "dirty work" trying to find out how to post it to her blog. She shared her efforts and I simply followed along and tried it for myself. It was much easier than I had expected:)

When thinking about my CC license, I wanted to be sure I could share my work, but also be given credit for the time and efforts that I put into it. I wanted to share it internationally, as well as prohibit anyone from making a profit on it. I'm not sure I would ever have anything up there worth money though...haha. My license also includes the fact that if anyone uses it, I would like them to create a license that is similar, if not the same, as mine to protect my work. Overall, users can copy, distribute and transmit the work, and they can also adapt the work, but they must take the appropriate steps to honor my license. All of these things can be waived if they receive permission from me.

If I were using this with students, I would encourage them to look at all of the possibilities from the Creative Commons website before choosing the exact same one that I chose because there are so many possibilities that may better suit them; however, the one I chose seems pretty basic. I would recommend this to them, only because it protects them and allows them to receive credit for their work. Along with credit being given, this particular type of license does not allow their work or efforts to make money for anyone else, when they were the ones who put in the time and effort. Regardless of some of the stipulations this may create, it still gives people the freedom to adjust and adapt the work provided, as well as seek permission from the author to attain other rights.

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